These cryptocurrencies are the ones that will rise the most in 2023

As the end of the year approaches, both investors and analysts are working to find out which cryptocurrencies will presumably stand out the most in 2023. In this way, they seek to remedy part of the fall that the market has been dragging since the beginning of the year.

To find out which projects can break the profitability threshold of the crypto sector, the most important thing is to focus on the factors that are going to determine the evolution of the sector. That will be our first section, to later give way to the most promising currencies.

The cryptocurrencies that will rise the most in 2023

Dash 2 Trade: the new analysis and signals platform to stay on top of the market and new pre-sales.
IMPT: associated with more than 100 major brands, it works to reduce the carbon footprint and create a sustainable cryptocurrency.
Calvaria: the new and promising project Play-2-Earn with application of NFTs.
Keys of the cryptocurrencies that will rise the most in 2023
Regardless of whether global economic circumstances influence financial and digital assets to a greater or lesser extent, there are a series of keys that will mark the price of cryptocurrencies in 2023. These keys are still aligned with what users demand from the sector and the possible solutions that it offers us.


First of all, we would have to talk about the mining processes. Studies have shown that a single BTC transaction pollutes the same as throwing two iPhones in the trash, so mining as it is understood today is not viable.

The cost

In line with the previous section, it should be noted that in addition to a pollution problem, the cryptocurrencies that consume the most energy also lose their attractiveness due to the cost of production.

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Spending on electricity was already a determining factor even before the invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis, with countries like Spain not at all attractive and countries like Iran or Kuwait showing high interest:

Average electrical cost to mine 1 BTC with data from November 2021 / Source: Arcane Research
The differences in recent months have not only increased, but the average prices have also risen. Therefore, the cryptocurrency that stands out in 2023 must have a cheap, affordable validation and generation formula so that a solid community can be created around it.

Actual utility

Having seen the essential aspects of low power consumption and respect for the environment, the third key that will mark successful cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly be the real utility that they offer us.

In times of abundance practically everything goes up, the year 2021 was a real boom in the crypto market, reaching almost 3 billion dollars in total market capitalization:

Evolution of the aggregate capitalization of the cryptocurrency market / Source: CoinMarketCap
However, once the crypto winter has arrived, we have witnessed a real carnage where those cryptocurrencies of little or no use have disappeared as quickly as they emerged.

That is why the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2023 will have to have a functionality or utility. An example of useless coins are meme coins, with the exception of already consolidated projects such as DOGE or SHIB or, failing that, Tamadoge, the first P2E meme coin with real utility.

The three most promising cryptos

We now go on to explore the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2023, those that meet the three previous characteristics and allow us to think of above-average returns.

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1.- Dash 2 Trade, the new analysis and signals platform to keep up to date with the market and new pre-sales
Dash 2 Trade is a new trading signals platform that wants to make its users better traders and investors and help them make more money.

Their dashboard will help users in various ways, not only experienced crypto traders, but also beginners and casual investors.

It will send trading signals to highlight buying and selling opportunities, provide on-chain analysis, and follow social sentiment to spot trends.

There will also be a number of strategy building tools that will allow traders to test in real time without risking capital.

Dash 2 Trade is also developing a unique scoring system to track the best crypto pre-sale projects, giving its users a head start in finding hot new projects.

It will also send alerts of new coin listings for users to take advantage of.

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2.- IMPT, the green project par excellence
The case of IMPT is that of a cryptocurrency conceived to contribute to the environment and at the same time generate profits for its investors. The IMPT project allows carbon credits from socially responsible companies to be tokenized and then traded or withdrawn from circulation.

Thanks to the blockchain technology that supports the project, there will be a record and anti-fraud protection of the tokenized credits at all times.

IMPT is currently immersed in its presale campaign, anyone interested in acquiring the token in advance can do so by accessing directly here. At the moment, more than 4.3 million dollars have already been raised since this action began on October 3, and it will end when it reaches 10 million.

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3.- Calvaria, the new and promising Play-2-Earn project with the application of NFTs
Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new P2E game where players can collect NFT battle cards and battle against each other. The game features a rich narrative, with each card representing a character from the underworld in 3D. There are 3 cities within the game, each with its own set of characters and features.

All Calvaria battle cards are NFT, so players have full ownership of the cards they collect. The game has a built in peer to peer market where players can buy and sell their cards.

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The RIA token is an ERC-20 crypto token and will have a total fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. 300 million RIA tokens, or 30% of the total supply, will be available during the presale. 250 million, or 25% of the total supply, will be committed to the staking pool when Calvaria launches.

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Conclusion: which cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 to invest with the trend?
Without a doubt, any of the three previous cryptocurrencies meets the requirements to be the currency of 2023, however if we have to choose only one of them in the first instance, Dash 2 Trade is the one that has a much more innovative and practical perspective in the real life.

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