Chico Crypto, the “Messi” of cryptocurrencies who earns 3,341 euros per minute

Tyler Swope is the most influential analyst in the sector and his YouTube channel is a benchmark for crypto asset investors.

His name is Tyler Swope although almost everyone who knows him is by his personal and business “brand”: Chico Crypto. This young Californian is the most influential youtuber specialized in cryptocurrencies in the sector. His channel, created about 4 years ago, has 296,000 subscribers and publishes videos daily in which he analyzes the crypto asset market.

One of his strengths is his skillful ability to investigate business connections and anticipate alliances and movements, something that is key when investing in fledgling projects that can generate large benefits, especially in the medium or long term, although he does not renounce discovering to his followers “gems” for short.

The companies, aware of its great prescription power, literally raffle it off. He is very transparent in all his videos and always notifies users, both in the recording itself and in writing on the file, about the moment in which he is going to talk about a project for which he is paid, so as not to bring anyone to misunderstandings He also does not agree to lend his image to anyone, since he studies each proposal beforehand so as not to recommend scams.

The latest projects he has promoted pay him $15,000 for an average of 4 minutes of his time. That is to say, that he charges at a rate of a minimum of approximately 3,300 euros per minute. This data pulverizes the 74 euros per minute that Messi earns per season.

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“Chico Crypto is compensated by XCAD Network for advertising its products. Payment is made 100% in USDC and invoiced. The company has paid $15000 in the above percentages of value, to this day to Chico Crypto for its services, which began today. Additional fees may have accrued since then.” This is the warning text of one of his latest collaborations.

To these we must add the income from the advertising that YouTube inserts in all the videos and that are based on the reproductions obtained. His most viewed video to date accumulates 480,097 views, although the average is 43,300 views per day.

For this concept, according to data from the portal, Chico Crypto pocketed $115 yesterday; 446 in the last days and 2,335 last month. The estimated value of his channel is about $145,000.

He has published to date a total of 1,127 videos that add up to more than 33.2 million views. Chico Crypto creates an average of 36 new videos every month and gains 357 new subscribers per day.

Tyler Swope, the person behind the Chico Crypto brand

Tyler Swope, whose professional name Chico Crypto responds to his birthplace (Chico is a city in Butte County, in the state of California), defines himself on his LinkedIn profile as a person who has “big ideas” and is not afraid “express your creativity and execute them”.

He has a degree in Business Administration from California State University, where he also completed a master’s degree. Starting in 2013, he became interested in Bitcoin and specialized in blockchain, altcoins and investments.

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Today he is living his own American dream, although all that glitters is not gold either. A few months ago, the analyst surprised his followers with a live broadcast in which he announced that he was going to retire for a while. As he tried to explain why, he broke down in tears and admitted that he was going through a depression.

Fortunately he recovered, but recently he relapsed again and was disconnected for a few days. He now continues his work revealing the best opportunities to earn money in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. A high percentage of his predictions come true and that means that his community of followers does not stop growing.