The Spanish accommodation app, Central de Reservas, will allow payments with Bitcoin

The Spanish accommodation reservation platform, Central de Reservas, announced that it will allow clients or users to pay with Bitcoin (BTC). Thanks to its recent integration with the crypto provider Criptan, which was recently recognized by the Bank of Spain.

The CEO of Central de Reservas, Ricardo Buil, stated the following :

«We are in a moment of constant changes in our environment, we wanted to be prepared so that it was a reality to be able to pay with cryptocurrencies on our website. Perhaps for the moment there will be a few who use it. But, the growth of its use and of many other new payment methods will be exponential in a short time”.

The accommodation portal explained that it is a corporate bet as a preamble to the digital payments that “will be in the future” and pointed out that Bitcoin will be part of the “new era of money in tourism” and that for this reason, they required getting on the train and accept payment with cryptocurrencies.

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