The cryptocurrency pre-sale that raises millions of dollars

Although the cryptocurrency market is going through difficult times, not all projects have a difficult situation to deal with at the moment. This is especially true of pre-sales, which continue to attract investors despite the obvious setback that followed the FTX affair.

Thus, among the various pre-sales in progress, if there is one that should not be overlooked, it is Dash 2 Trade: the platform that offers tools to traders and investors to more efficiently manage their cryptocurrencies and the benefits that they can derive from it.

Dash 2 Operate close to 6.5 million dollars raised!

Less than a week ago, more precisely on November 12, despite the FTX affair that contaminated the entire market, Dash 2 Trade (D2T) exceeded 6 million dollars raised. Today, November 18, D2T is about to hit $6.5 million.
This pre-sale has not only not curbed its dazzling success with investors who believe in the project, but as a bonus, it continues to raise significant amounts while the entire market is in the midst of a crisis and investor confidence is lost. lower.

It is not too late to invest, because although this pre-sale is progressing at full speed, there are still many phases to go. In fact, the project is in its third phase of nine. The current price for 1 D2T is $0.0513. In the next phase, the value of one D2T token will fall to $0.0533, while at the end of the presale, this cryptocurrency should be worth $0.0662.

Therefore, investing now is still possible and profitable. In fact, the project has potential and could at least do x2 or even much more as soon as it launches on various exchanges despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is not looking good.

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Furthermore, we already know that Bitmart announced the listing of Dash 2 Trade on its trading platform at the end of its pre-sale, which could boost trading volumes for this asset and thus increase its price.

Crypto assets are a risky investment.

To participate in the pre-sale, it is very simple. You just need a crypto wallet like Metamask or TrustWallet for example. You will need to own either ETH or USDT to be able to buy D2T tokens, which is a crypto currency based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Remember that pre-sales can bring big profits, but they also come with risks. So make sure you only invest what you are willing to lose. Here are the steps to become a Dash 2 Trade investor:

First, you need to go to the official Dash 2 Trade website. This is the only place where you can participate in the presale.
Then click the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your crypto wallet and complete the transaction.
You will then need to choose a payment method (USDT or ETH), knowing that you can also buy ETH via Transak through the Dash 2 Trade site.
Select the amount of D2T tokens you want to get and validate the transaction.
Thus you will have completed the operation and you will be the owner of the D2T tokens and therefore an investor in this project. On the other hand, you will not be able to recover your tokens before the end of the pre-sale. You will need to come back at the end of the pre-sale and click the “Claim” button to send your tokens to your crypto wallet.

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Dash 2 trading project

As a reminder, Dash 2 Trade aims to offer a platform aimed primarily at investors and traders to help them make the best decisions to earn profits with their cryptocurrencies.

In fact, Dash 2 Trade will offer many tools and features to inform its users and help them see more clearly in this market where it can sometimes be complex to have the right information at the right time or just to analyze it among a large amount of important data. .

Therefore, the goal is to simplify this data so that it is readable as quickly as possible. Among the tools available, there will be real-time alerts, professional indicators and metrics, an automatic trading system, back tracking to test your trades, but also an overview of pre-sales.

It turns out that pre-sales are great opportunities, but there are so many projects coming out every month that it’s hard to keep track of them. Thanks to Dash 2 Trade, it will chew up the work for you by highlighting those that have the potential to be profitable.

A subscription system

The Dash 2 Trade platform will require a subscription to access it. This will be paid for only through D2T tokens, which could further increase the price of this cryptocurrency in the future.

There is a free version, but it will be similar to a trial version where you will have limited access or tools and features to get an idea of the full power of this platform. Beyond that, if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to sign up for a standard or premium monthly subscription.

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The two formulas are quite similar, but of course the premium level will offer all the additional features and live events, for example to summarize the latest information of the moment.

Pre-sales are still popular despite the current market situation. In addition to Dash 2 Trade, highlights IMPT, the green crypto focused on carbon credits that is about to exceed 13 million dollars raised.