How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins?

We must banish the myth that there is a way to obtain bitcoins for nothing, since that is not true. Can you imagine finding a message on the internet or on the street that says “We explain how to get free euros”? You would automatically identify that it is a scam.

Well, many people think that in Bitcoin you can get free bitcoins, as if creating bitcoins were something free and they fell from the sky.
It is a fairly common mistake to think that there are ways to get bitcoins for nothing. Since bitcoins are literally money, who is going to give you money for nothing? It’s absurd, right? Buying bitcoins is the easiest and safest way to get them.

How to get free cryptocurrencies?

We want to make it clear that there is no way to get free bitcoins. Now, there are websites that can give you a consideration in bitcoins in exchange for your work or your time, for example, by viewing advertising on a website.
What really happens in that case is that you are being paid for a job. Normally that work consists of an action to which you do not give value or simply compensates you. In essence it is like a normal job.

But don’t expect to get rich, or even be able to pay yourself something with it. You will not receive 1 BTC, not even 0.01 BTC, the most normal thing is that they give you between 0.00000005 BTC and 0.00000030 BTC, that is, between 5 and 30 satoshis (about 2 thousandths of a euro).

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We receive an incentive for accessing a website or performing a series of tasks for which the owner of the website receives a greater financial consideration and offers us a part.
In other words, the concept of ‘free’ is not real, we have paid with our time, effort or manipulation by seeing advertising. The most famous type of service in this regard is the faucet.

How to create free bitcoins?

Faucets (or taps in Spanish) are websites where you enter your bitcoin address and they make a bitcoin transaction to it, sending a few satoshis directly to your bitcoin wallet after performing a small task (captcha or game).

The page that hosts the faucet is usually full of advertisements and even confusing ads so that you click on them by mistake. Websites that offer faucets often have an advertising-based monetization system, be it CPC, affiliate, or CPA. As the price of bitcoin increases in value, the rewards in satoshis are lower, despite the fact that the conversion to euros is similar.

How can I earn free bitcoins?

On the other hand, there is always altruism, the donations of a lifetime. When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, especially in the early years, bitcoins had no equivalent value to the euro, it was only a symbolic representation of something that was not very clear at the time, perhaps a kind of “karma”. At that time they were used to compensate users who made contributions of value in forums such as bitcointalk and the like.

Given the ease of use, and the advantages of Bitcoin, this is a good habit that, despite the fact that now a single bitcoin is worth thousands of euros, is still maintained and is also on the rise. Now it is very common to see donations in bitcoins, yes, of portions of bitcoin: in YouTube videos, forums, open source codes, Twitter accounts, free projects such as Wikileaks, foundations, NGOs,…

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And if we really want to be precise, not even when you receive a donation would they be free bitcoins, since we have done previous work and we are compensated/grateful by the community if our contribution is of quality. Basically it is like a normal salary for a job where 100% of the salary is a variable that society decides.

We can also obtain bitcoins by accepting them as a means of payment for goods or services. In this case, we will not receive them for free either, since it is a barter, an exchange where I give you a good or service and you give me bitcoins.

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As you can see, bitcoins are money and the way to obtain and operate with them is exactly the same as usual money. However, the only difference with traditional money in how to obtain them is that anyone can participate in their issuance, that is, mine bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining is the only way to obtain bitcoins that is different from obtaining traditional money, since in traditional money only central banks “mine” euros, dollars… fiduciary money in general. They have a monopoly and will end your freedom if you try otherwise.
However, mining bitcoins is not a way, far from it, to get free bitcoins. Mining bitcoins costs money, a lot of money, in fact it is very expensive: you have to buy devices that “expire”, have an adapted place and pay large electricity bills. That bitcoin mining under certain conditions can be profitable does not mean that it is a way to get free bitcoins.

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How to earn free bitcoins: conclusion