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The European Union throws a thousand-dollar party in the Metaverse and nobody was

At least 400 thousand dollars would have been allocated by the European Union to organize a party in the Metaverse attended by only six people.

The European Union organized a party in the metaverse for 24 hours, worth 400 thousand dollars and only six people showed up. According to reports by journalist Devex Vince Chadwick, who noted that the remaining attendees “only entered for a few minutes.”

The event in the Metaverse received ridicule and criticism, and is even considered a “resounding failure”. Additionally, the forum was part of the Global Gateway Initiative, which aims to spend $300 billion by 2027 building infrastructure for developing countries, according to Fortune .

Spokesmen for the European Union maintained that the project was aimed at “increasing awareness of what the EU does in the world.” That is, attract young people who are users of social networks such as Instagram or TikTok. However, the event received ridicule on social networks, most criticizing that so many resources were devoted to a forum in the metaverse. Instead of using it for other purposes.

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