Nexo Pulls Out of the US Due to Negative Regulation Despite Dodging FTX Collapse

One of the survivors of the crypto winter takes a firm step in its gradual exit from the United States market. The reasons for his departure are attributed to the latest “confusing” actions by US regulators on the blockchain industry.

Nexo, a cryptocurrency lending and interest provider, is one of the few companies successfully following this model. Which is currently stained by the mismanagement of companies like Celsius among others.

Since the ripple effect of the TerraUSD (UST) loss of parity, which ushered in the crypto winter, Nexo has shown no signs of weakness or liquidity problems. It is even on the hunt for buying crypto companies on the cheap due to their fragility.

The American company has avoided major catastrophes, although it was barely affected by FTX. Based on what has happened in recent months, it could be concluded that the US company is, for now, in good health.

Even though it has not been affected by any crypto catastrophe, Nexo has announced today, December 5, that it will begin its gradual exit from the United States market. One of the key markets for a crypto company.

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