Mad Crypto on CLF: How to Take Advantage of the Bear Market

On the last day of the Cripto Latin Fest conferences held in Medellín, Mad Cripto, disseminator and CEO of Todo de cripto was present. In his lecture, Mad explained the basics of fundamental analysis in an understandable and very complete way. He also talked about how to take advantage of the bear market and how to identify the key moments to trade.

He also commented that he felt very calm about the wave of panic that seemed to affect the entire ecosystem. As he comments, it is similar to what happened in 2018, if there were no other collapse like Terra / LUNA or FTX, he comments, we could be very close to the change in trend.

During the last day of the Cripto Latin Fest, Mad Cripto explained how the bear market could be taken advantage of to make a profit.

He also talked about the importance of traditional finance and how it could evolve to the next level with tokenization. Since tokenization makes it possible to guarantee the holding of assets, the traditional market would be attractive again, he commented.

Emphasizing, as always, that the value of Bitcoin, as an example, is not in its price. For Mad Cripto, the value of Bitcoin or any Blockchain is found in the utility, the activity and the team of developers.

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How to take advantage of the bear market?

Using fundamental analysis, he says, you can take advantage of unfavorable market situations. Of course, he warned of the risks and explained that a very objective analysis would be necessary, as well as risk management so as not to make serious mistakes.

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He also referred to the fundamental bases of cryptocurrency projects, he assured that these bases usually give indications of a good or bad project. From his experience, the crypto asset markets are much more profitable and also safe to operate, below we will explain why.

Unlike traditional markets, in Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies, through the blockchain, you are the absolute owner (as long as it is specified) of what is stored in your cryptographic portfolio. The possession of the assets, assures Mad Cripto, is relevant to be able to take advantage of and protect the investments in a bear market.

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The development of the Blockchain

Fundamental analysis assesses the trading utility of an asset, in this case, a cryptocurrency or a digital asset. The development of the Blockchain, indicates Mad, is essential if you want to identify its sustainability in the future, which would guarantee the success of the project or the ability to take advantage of the bear market.

While you can take advantage of market dips, it’s important to identify the right time to trade through analysis, Mad notes. Identifying the development of the Blockchain and the growth of its community or the wallets that at least host a portion of the token or related project, we will analyze its growth.

Of course, the entire environment, as in traditional markets, is subject to external factors that could harm our analysis, therefore, it is always recommended to delve into the information we collect for our analysis prior to an operation.

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In addition, he explained the importance of usability and the developer community of a project, to a large extent, which guarantees its existence over time and the size of the investment you could make.