Goldman Sachs Considering Buying Crypto Companies Despite FTX Collapse

The Goldman Sachs board would be considering buying crypto companies despite the collapse of FTX, seeing it as an opportunity.

In an interview with Reuters, Mathew McDermott, a director at Goldman Sachs, said that the big banks would be seeing opportunities in the digital asset sector. Well, the collapse of the FTX has highlighted the need for more regulation.

The executive added that the company is currently looking at opportunities that are “more reasonably priced.” And, that they are already doing their necessary due diligence to get hold of some crypto companies.

Commenting on the FTX debacle, McDermott also noted that in terms of sentiment, the market suffered setbacks. However, the traditional finance executive highlighted that while FTX became a “poster child” of the space, the underlying technology behind the industry “still works.”

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